Economic Outlook for India FY 2021-22

We present here our revised forecasts for the year which we believe will hold unless there is another serious shock either in India or the global economy...

Jul 26 2021 |
India -The Economic Pathway - June 2021

Information through charts on the macro economy as well as various sectors...

Jul 01 2021 |
India - The Economic Pathway

Information through charts on the macro economy as well as various sectors...

Jun 03 2021 |
Government Spending on Healthcare

Ever since the pandemic struck, there has been a lot of focus on healthcare. Governments at both the levels have been making the right sounds. But is this enough and does this get translated into numbers?

Apr 08 2021 |
Capacity Utilization in Industry

The sector has witnessed fairly volatile though predictable trends with an increase in March followed by tapering down of these rates. This gets reflected in the gross fixed capital formation rate at the economy level...

Mar 31 2021 |
Comparative Profiles of States going for Elections

Four states and one Union Territory are scheduled to have assembly elections in March-April. In this backdrop, we have mapped here the broad economic and financial profiles of these states/UTs and examined how they stand/compare on these fronts...

Mar 26 2021 |
Where Is The Government Spending

A question that often is asked is where exactly is the government spending money? CARE Ratings analyze the direction of spending across functions for both the centre and states (19 of them) with comparisons over different years...

Mar 23 2021 |
CARE Ratings Debt Quality Index - CDQI - February 2021

CARE Ratings Debt Quality Index (CDQI) denotes the quality of debt that can be interpreted over time and juxtaposed with other developments in the financial sector...

Mar 02 2021 |
Highlights of BMC Budget - Feb 2021

highlights of the BMC Budget that was announced yesterday. The FY21 numbers have been distorted on both sides due to the lockdown. For FY22 there are no new taxes but the success will depend on how fast things get to normal..

Feb 04 2021 |
CARE Ratings Union Budget Analysis - 2021-22

Feb 01 2021 |