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15 MAR 2020


Rating Disclosures

Working with CARE
6.1 Rating Procedure
6.2 Credit Rating History and Default
Half-Yearly Rating Summary Sheet

6.2.1 Details Of New Credit Ratings Assigned During Last 6 Months

6.2.2(a) Movement Of Each Credit Rating

6.2.2(b) Movement Of Each Credit Rating From Investment Grade To Non Investment Grade And Vice Versa

Average Default Rates For The Last Five Financial Year Periods

For the period FY2015-2019

6.3 Income
6.3.2 These details have been provided under Clause

6.3.3 Income Disclosures Name of the rated issuers who along with their associates contribute 10% or more to total revenue of CARE and its subsidiaries - NIL

6.4 Structured Finance Product
6.4.1 Compliant

6.5 Unsolicited Credit Ratings
CARE Ratings Does Not Carry Out Any Unsolicited Credit Ratings

6.6 Share Holding Of CARE Ratings
6.7 Compliance Status Of IOSCO Code Of Conduct
CARE Ratings is Compliant With IOSCO Code Of Conduct.