Construction Grading

  • Overview & Advantage

Entities in the construction sector have been broadly divided into four categories for the grading process viz Project Developer, Project Consultant, Construction Contractor and the Project. Grading of these entities is an opinion on the ability of the respective entity to carry out the stated objectives like project management and execution, design and engineering, within a specified time frame. The exercise involves an evaluation of operational and financial risks the entity faces. CARE assigns grading on a scale of one to five with specified symbols for each of the above categories.

Grading exercise would facilitate users in short-listing superior entities which in turn can reduce the time involved in the tendering / bidding. Graded construction entities can get themselves empanelled with government departments such as PWD, Municipal Corporations, Urban Bodies, etc. Grading would aid potential investors in making an assessment of the entity while the entity can secure long-term finance at competitive rates.

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