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Job Code: HR

Location: Mumbai

Experience: 8-12 Years

Posted on: 09/07/2021

Job Details:

    Culture Strategy and Operations

    ·        Drives aculture that embodies CARE’s values which rewards and promotes high performanceculture

    ·        Review andensure policies and processes that are in line with best practices and industrystandards

    ·        Leads anddrives compliant driven processes with different teams

    ·        Processimprovement of employee life cycle (on boarding, performance reviews, internalcommunications and off – boarding).

    Talent Management and Employer Branding

    ·        Build andfoster collaborative, diverse and cohesive culture among departments

    ·        Design andimplement an employer branding strategy to position CARE as employer of choice

    ·        Maintaintransparent communication through 1-on-1 and department meetings, createplatforms and initiatives for addressing employees’ grievances and workplacechallenges

    ·        Design employeeengagement programs to build productive workplace

    ·        Build astrong internal communication strategy for timely information with a top-downapproach

    ·        Buildleadership pipeline and devise strategy for succession planning for businesscontinuance

    ·        Strategizeand implement talent management program by identification of HI potential andcreating leadership pipeline by identifying successors for critical roles

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    ·        Create adifferentiated brand positioning through effective CSR projects/Programs

    ·        Partnershipmanagement and networking

    ·        Plan CSRprograms per approved CSR budgets

    ·        Create andplan process for CSR programs through internal communication

    ·        Employeeengagement for CSR programs at PAN India locations

    Training and Development

    ·        Identifytraining needs to nurture and develop a culture of learning

    ·        Identify andevaluate individual and organizational learning needs

    ·        Implementlearning methods – coaching, job-shadowing and online training

    ·        Design annualtraining calendar

    ·        Develope-learning courses, culture workshops aligning to CARE’s values

    ·        Maintainingbudgets

    ·        Identifyingand maintaining relationships with vendors and consultants

    Performance and Culture

    ·        DriveEmployee Engagement survey and communicate results along with proposed actionplan to improve Net promoter score

    ·        Mentor andCoach managers on building world class teams with a strong culture ofperformance and learning

    ·        Implementperformance development plans with timely and real time feedback with effectiveassessments to build and drive a high-performance team

    ·        Bridge the gapbetween the current culture and our desired culture

    ·        Strategize andimplement rewards and recognition to build a culture of appreciation

    ·        Define methods toassess organization culture and align strategies and goals in accordance

Analyst/Lead Analyst

Job Code: Analytics

Location: New Delhi

Experience: 1-5 years

Posted on: 09/07/2021

Job Details:

    • Understanding of business model, financial statements, analyzing various risks based on quantitative & qualitative information
    • Perform rigorous analytical work, research, fundamental credit analysis, analysis of financial statements, building of financial models and forecasts, and writing of analytical reports on rated corporate entities
    • Close monitoring of the performance of the companies and industries in the portfolio 
    • Doing plant visits and management meetings 
    • Writing ratings notes and making presentations before rating committees 
    • Interacting with the clients for providing required information to carry out the rating assignment 
    • Maintain direct analytical responsibility for a portfolio of rated corporate issuers with the guidance of Group Heads 
    • Preparing schedule for completion of assignments in consultation with concerned Group Heads 
    • Preparation of quarterly review notes based on quarterly performance and other updates 
    • Keeping track of changes in the economy, various sectors and analyzing the impact of the same on clients 
    • Preparation of rating rationales and press releases 
    • Ongoing surveillance and rating recommendations 
    • Repeat analytical contact with rated entities’ senior management, and presentation of analytical findings to internal and external constituencies
Group Head - BFSI

Job Code: BFSI GH

Location: Mumbai, New Delhi

Experience: 8-12 years

Posted on: 09/07/2021

Job Details:

    • Undertake rating cases and assignments of companies in the BFSI sector
    • Sector reports / criteria commentary publishing
    • Execution of projects
    • Inputs and commitments towards strategic /quality decision making
    • Development & improvement of methodology for sectors
    • Minimize Sharp Rating Migration Cases/Rating Quality
    • Ensuring quality and readability of rating report as well as rationale, press releases etc.
    • Excellent analytical and data interpretation skills to be able to handle complex situations
    • Ensuring timely completion of rating assignments.
    • Keeping track of changes in the respective sectors & and bringing important facts to managements notice.
    • Operational Audit Qualifications
    • Presenting the case in the Rating Committee Meeting
    • Maintenance of MIS, quarterly results/ no default statement, rating reckoner etc.
    • Leading & guiding the team of analysts working in the team
    • Monitoring and measuring productivity of team members
    • Model the leadership behaviours and coach and mentor junior staff