Corporate Profile
Instruments Rated Amount
(Rs.In Million)
Bank Overdraft 600.00 CARE A; Stable
Letter of credit 150.00 CARE A1
Term Loan 7500.00 CARE A; Stable

Bank Facility Details (As on 13 May 2022)
Type of FacilityInstrumentBank NameRated Amount (Rs. Cr.)
Fund-based - LT Bank Overdraft ICICI Bank Ltd. 35.00
Fund-based - LT Bank Overdraft IDFC First Bank Ltd. 25.00
Fund-based - LT Term Loan Aseem Infrastructure Finance Limited 250.00
Fund-based - LT Term Loan ICICI Bank Ltd. 100.00
Fund-based - LT Term Loan NIIF Infrastructure Finance Ltd. 400.00
Non-fund-based - ST Letter of credit ICICI Bank Ltd. 15.00