Corporate Profile
Instruments Rated Amount
(Rs.In Million)
BG/LC 250.00 CARE A3+
BG/LC 0.00 Withdrawn
Bill Discounting/ Bills Purchasing 250.00 CARE BBB+; Stable
Cash Credit 1600.00 CARE BBB+; Stable
Cash Credit 0.00 Withdrawn
Term Loan 767.20 CARE BBB+; Stable
Term Loan 0.00 Withdrawn
Vendor financing 117.80 CARE A3+

Bank Facility Details (As on 22 Nov 2022)
Type of FacilityInstrumentBank NameRated Amount (Rs. Cr.)
Fund-based - LT Bill Discounting/ Bills Purchasing Central Bank of India 25.00
Fund-based - LT Cash Credit Bandhan Bank Ltd. 6.00
Fund-based - LT Cash Credit Central Bank of India 43.00
Fund-based - LT Cash Credit IDBI Bank Ltd. 26.00
Fund-based - LT Cash Credit State Bank of India 85.00
Fund-based - LT Term Loan Bandhan Bank Ltd. 25.15
Fund-based - LT Term Loan Central Bank of India 9.06
Fund-based - LT Term Loan IDBI Bank Ltd. 4.48
Fund-based - LT Term Loan Proposed 10.00
Fund-based - LT Term Loan State Bank of India 28.03