Decline in Credit Cost Drives Banks’ Net Profit Up in Q4FY22

The gross banking credit growth registered a more than double rise year-on-year (y-o-y) to reach 9.6% in March 2022.

Jun 17 2022 | -
Non Life Insurance Update - May 2022

Non-Life Insurance Continues to Grow in May, Share of Motor Segment Rises.

Jun 17 2022 | -
Update - Banking Credit and Deposits - May 2022

Bank Credit Sees Double-Digit Growth – Shows Consistent Improvement

Jun 13 2022 | -
Life Insurance Update for May 2022

Group Single Premiums Continue to Boost Life Insurance in May

Jun 09 2022 | -
Update on Banking Interest Rate

The positive momentum in credit offtake since the end of August 2021 ensured the credit growth stood at 9.6 percent in FY22, higher than the 5.6 percent growth seen at the end of FY21.

Jun 08 2022 |
RBI issues Provisioning Norms on Standard Assets for NBFC-UL

The Reserve Bank ofIndia has issued a circular to tighten the provisioning norms of standardassets for large NBFCs in a bid to harmonise the same with banks. 

Jun 07 2022 |
Bank Credit Deployment Update

Acceleration in Retail Credit, Service and Industry Recovery Drive Bank Credit Growth

Jun 02 2022 | -
Trend in Exposure of MFs and Banks to NBFCs

Banks’ outstanding credit to NBFCs rose by 10.4% y-o-y to Rs.10.5 lakh crore due to improvement in economic activities.

May 31 2022 |
Update on Banking Credit and Deposits

Bank Credit Sees Double-Digit Growth.

May 30 2022 | -
Non-Life Insurance Opens FY23 on a High, Health Retains Top Spot

The non-life insurance industry has begun FY23 with 23.3% growth in April 2022, the highest in the past seven months, to reach Rs 21,276.3 crore. 

May 24 2022 | -