Mutual Fund Tracker - May 2021

Equity Funds continue to witness inflows, while debt funds see outflows

Jun 12 2021 | -
Non Life Insurance Premium - Premium in May 2021 returning to pre-pandemic levels

The non-life insurance industry has continued to show a strong performance even as the economic growth slows due to the second wave of the pandemic. The May 2021 monthly numbers reported a 13.1% growth continuing with the trend seen during the previous months...

Jun 10 2021 |
Life Insurance - May 2021 monthly numbers record a dip as Non-Single Premiums report a fall

First Year Premium of life insurers witnessed a dip of 5.5% in May 2021 to Rs 12,977 crores to Rs 13,739 crores in May 2020 despite a low base and a national lock down...

Jun 10 2021 |
Update - Growth in Deposits and Credit - June 5 2021

Additions in deposits continue to grow at more than one and a half the additions in credit outstanding vs. the previous year

Jun 05 2021 | -
Banking system interest rates - Story of High NIIs

Interest rates in the banking system have generally trended lower. However, the interest rate transmission has been uneven...

Jun 03 2021 |
Bank Credit Profile - Subdued credit growth continues in April 2021

The non-food credit growth witnessed an uptrend in April 2021 and grew by 5.7% y-o-y as compared with a growth of 6.8% in April 2020...

Jun 02 2021 |
IBC Update – Timeline exceeded for completion of CIRPs in March 2021 vs previous year

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IIBI) has undertaken several measures in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic across India to help contain the impact of spread of the disease…

Jun 01 2021 |
Ambit of Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme - ECLGS - expanded to include new sectors

Last year the pandemic had created supply related disruptions due to strict nationwide lockdown, however the second wave has created a demand shock for the economy...

May 31 2021 | -
Gross NPAs to decline in FY21

NPAs are expected to decline in FY21 due to restructuring, write-offs and resilience in the economy. Several regulatory and government support schemes also helped borrowers to access liquidity and conserve cash flows...

May 26 2021 |
Update - Growth in Deposits and Credit - May 23, 2021

The additions in deposits was 2.2 times the addition in credit outstanding over last 12 months 

May 23 2021 | -