Life Insurance First Year Monthly Premiums – Low Group premiums cause flat December numbers

Jan 10 2022 |
Update on Banking Credit and Deposits

Credit growth remains higher than the last twelve-month average..

Jan 09 2022 |
Update on Bank Credit Deployment

Growth in Roads and small ticket personal loans..

Jan 06 2022 |
Update on Banking Credit and Deposits

Credit growth continues upward trajectory..

Dec 27 2021 |
Banking Interest Rates: PSB Term Deposit Rates bottom out

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has affected lives and livelihood negatively across the board with global economic growth being disrupted.

Dec 23 2021 |
IBC Update - Elongated Resolution Timelines

India faced a severe NPA issue and earlier options for effective asset resolution were not performing as per expectations, which could partly be attributed to their over-stretched capacity and inadequate infrastructure. Consequently, over five years ago, the IBC was introduced to speed up the resolution process.

Dec 23 2021 |
Trend in Exposure of MFs and Banks to NBFCs

The report tracks the trend in debt exposure of Banks as well as Mutual Funds to NBFCs.

Dec 21 2021 |
RBI PCA Framework for NBFCs No immediate impact

As on March 31, 2021, the NBFC sector (including HFCs), had an asset size of over Rs.54 lakh crore across 12 categories and the sector currently stands at 25% of the size of the banks.

Dec 18 2021 |
Health Insurance Bright spot amidst the Pandemic Blues


Dec 17 2021 |
Non Life Insurance: Premium Growth slows in November . Health maintains pole position

The non-life insurance industry reported a slower growth rate of 5.5% in November which was half of the rate reported in October 2021 but was significantly higher than the 2.3% reported in November 2020.

Dec 16 2021 |